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Frequently Asked Questions

We will keep your data private.

Today! You can pick up the phone and call your law firm or the Private Investigators and get a consultation as soon as your paperwork is processed.

No! Coverage is month-to-month. You can cancel any time or change your coverage.

Yes All they need to do is fill out the self-pay form on the page where you enroll. They will get the same low price you are getting.

No! Rates never have and never will go up for existing members unless you request an upgrade or you cancel your membership and try to sign up again.

Yes! All you need to do is fill out the change payment form.

Maybe… You will have to ask HR. It puts more Work on them to allow year-round enrollment.

Yes! There are some restrictions such as for traffic tickets but most Legal and Identity Theft Pre-Existing issues are covered.

Covered! You can get a 25% discount on all Legal services that are not covered 100% by your membership

Any other questions? Click HERE to contact your representatives
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