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Getting Started with your IDShield Membership

Follow these simple steps to set up your account and begin using your membership

Check your email (and spam folder) for your IDShield member number; if you cannot find your member number, call IDShield Member Services at 1-888-494-8519, or email at

Go to, either from the browser on your phone or from your computer.
Click Activate your Account.
Use your member number, birth date, and last 4 of your Social Security Number to activate your account.
Follow the steps as instructed.
You will be directed to a dashboard to set up your information for monitoring.
Click on each section to input information you want monitored.
A green checkmark will appear under each box when your information is entered.
Go to Internet/Dark Web on the left-hand side of the screen. Follow instructions to input your personal information there.
To set up your social media accounts, go to the Social Media Monitoring box and click each platform that you want to monitor. Follow the instructions to set those accounts up.
When you have completed the account setup, download the IDShield Plus App. You can edit monitored information in the app any time by clicking the three lines at the top right of the home page, going to monitored info, and clicking on what you want to edit.

Download Our App Now

Download the new LegalShield Plus app for iOS and Android devices now.

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